03:16 - Source: CNN
Armour and Puccini on bake sale bans

In an attempt to curb childhood obesity, federal regulators are now preparing the first standards for snacks, sodas and other foods sold outside of regularly scheduled lunch and breakfast at school. These new standards may affect clubs and sports teams that fundraise by selling goods at bake sales.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, at least eight states already have regulations aimed at limiting these types of fundraising events.

Elizabeth Puccini, the mother of a first grade child in New York, has been protesting the recent regulations. She tells Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point this morning that “due to budget cuts… students are desperate to raise money for their schools and bake sales are a very lucrative way to do that.”

Puccini is joined by Stephanie Armour, a food safety reporter for Bloomberg News, who discusses the growing controversy over the food standards.