Father who wired his son to expose teachers' abuse threatens to release more tapes

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    Stuart Chaifetz bugged his ten-year-old


Stuart Chaifetz bugged his ten-year-old 04:03

Last February, Stuart Chaifetz sent his ten-year-old son Akian to school wired with a hidden recording device to investigate reports about the boy's behavior.

Aikan, who has autism, returned home with a tape containing hours of shocking verbal and emotional abuse from his teachers, the content of which has made national headlines.
On Thursday afternoon, Chaifetz held a press conference to announce that his son's school district had reached out to him personally and promised a thorough review of what happened. Chaifetz said that he's decided to hold off on releasing more audio from the recordings but that he'll make more content public if he doesn't believe that the school's authorities are doing their best to bring justice to his son's case.
Today on Starting Point, Chaifetz calls the school's decision to investigate a "vindication and a victory" and reiterates his threat to release more video if the issue isn't properly addressed.