Entertainment Weekly writers say that "30 Rock" will be renewed for a seventh and final season by NBC.

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"Fringe" has been renewed for one more season by Fox

"Cougar Town" will most likely not be renewed by ABC

"Smash" has been renewed by NBC

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Way to go Fringe!

Some shows have received an 11th-hour reprieve before the May upfronts in New York, where the broadcast networks announce their fall 2012 schedules beginning May 14. Time to check the status of nearly all broadcast shows.


Alcatraz”: Still not feeling hopeful.

Allen Gregory”: DEAD.

“American Dad”: RENEWED.

American Idol: Not going anywhere, obviously.

“Bones”: RENEWED.

“Breaking In”: DEAD.

“Family Guy”: RENEWED.

“Fringe”: RENEWED.

“Glee”: RENEWED.

“Hell’s Kitchen”: RENEWED

“House”: The doctor is out!

“Kitchen Nightmares”: RENEWED.

“Napoleon Dynamite”: We aren’t feeling it.

“New Girl”: RENEWED.

“Raising Hope”: RENEWED.

“The Cleveland Show”: RENEWED.

“The Finder”: We don’t want to go looking for it next year.

“The Simpsons”: RENEWED.

“The X-Factor”: RENEWED. (But who are the new hosts and remaining judges?)

“I Hate My Teenage Daughter”: Not officially canceled, but Fox never officially canceled “Moment of Truth” either.

“Terra Nova”: 3.6 rating. Status: Canceled by Fox, currently shopping for another home. We’re not holding our breath, especially since stars like Jason O’Mara have already booked other shows.

“Touch”: It’s always safe to bet on Kiefer Sutherland. A pickup could come next week.


“Castle”: A 10 p.m. success on ABC? This crime drama favorite will return.

Modern Family:” Strange the renewal hasn’t happened already, but we’re hearing ABC isn’t renewing any shows until upfronts. Dang!

“Body of Proof”: The show does well overseas so it’s too soon to count out this procedural.

“Charlie’s Angels (ABC)”: DEAD

“Cougar Town”: It still bums us out to say that it’s gone for good. Sorry to the great dudes and dudettes of this single-camera comedy.

“Dancing with the Stars”: ABC can’t live without its fringe. And we can’t live without Maks.

“Desperate Housewives”: Buh bye, ladies! Stay fab.

“GCB”: We aren’t feeling positive about a second season, but it’s too early to say.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Certain contracts are up this season (here’s looking at you, Meredith and McDreamy) but we have no doubt Seattle Grace will be open for another season.

“Happy Endings”: Young, hip, pulls a decent number. It’ll earn another season.

“Last Man Standing”: Tough one. It’s hard to let a star like Tim Allen go, but these ratings aren’t exactly upstanding. Could be close.

“Man Up!”: DEAD

“Missing”: Ashley Judd better find her son quick.

“Once Upon a Time”: Since its the highest-rated new drama of the season, we expect ABC to say yes to more fantasy.

“Pan Am”: See what we said for “I Hate My Teenager Daughter.”

“Private Practice”: Our gut says it will stick around – mostly because no one wants to piss off creator Shonda Rhimes.

“Revenge”: Strange that ABC hasn’t already rewarded this critical fave with a renewal.

“Suburgatory”: Has been a pretty stable performer.

“The Bachelor”: Nothing official, but it’s practically a done deal. Now, about having a black bachelor….

“The Middle”: Oh sure, it’s a self-starter.

“The River”: Sure didn’t attract Paranormal Activity-like audiences. Dead in the water.

“Work It”: DEAD


“30 Rock”: We’re hearing a seventh and final season is likely for the critical darling.

“Are You There, Chelsea?”: No, in fact, she’s not. And neither are her viewers.

“Awake”: Stronger than “The Firm” and “Prime Suspect,” but that’s not saying much. Likely euthanized.

“Bent”: A goner.

“Chuck”: So long!

Community: Critics and die-hard fans love it, but delivers a cable-sized audience. We expect a renewal anyway.

“Grimm”: RENEWED.

“Fashion Star”: Definitely a bubble show. Too soon to tell.

“Fear Factor”: It was nice having you around Joe Rogan, but it’s time to say buh-bye.

“Free Agents”: DEAD

“Harry’s Law”: We don’t see how NBC can afford to bring this back, and it wouldn’t fit with “Grimm” on Fridays.

“Law & Order: SVU”: Dick Wolf is already developing a new show for NBC. This one doesn’t need to stay, but might get another round.

“Parenthood”: The congenial underdog. Feels likely to return.

“Parks & Recreation”: Such a phenomenally funny show. It deserves another season and will probably get it.

“Playboy Club”: DEAD

“Prime Suspect”: DEAD

“The Apprentice”: Celebrity versions do fine; we think another one will come down the pipeline.

“The Firm”: DEAD

“The Biggest Loser”: Feels tired, but it’s a solid player and relatively cheap to keep in the hopper.

“The Office”: It’s NBC’s highest-rated scripted show. So, yes – even the showrunner stepping down and the possibility of some actors exiting.

“Rock Center With Brian Williams”: Stick with your day job, Brian.

“The Sing-Off”: Better suited for summer, not fall.

“Smash”: RENEWED.

“The Voice”: Though nothing is official, negotiations are well underway over a third season and deciding which judges will make a triumphant return.

“Up All Night”: Of all of the new NBC comedies, we think this one is most likely to return next season.

“Whitney”: Nosedived after being moved to Wednesdays. Girl, you’re done.


“Secret Circle”: It fits nice with “The Vampire Diaries” … aside from losing a big bite of it’s audience. Probably returning, though might move to Friday.

“Gossip Girl”: Not doing well, but this show is CW royalty. We predict a final season order.

“90210”: A sure thing.

“One Tree Hill”: Say goodbye to the kids!

“Ringer”: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s drama will likely get slayed.

“Supernatural”: We think fans will be pleased.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Hell yes.

“Hart of Dixie”: Feels more on-brand, and more likely to survive, than “Ringer.”

“America’s Top Model”: RENEWED.

“Nikita”: We’re still split.


“A Gifted Man”: So long, Patrick Wilson: We only hope there’s time for you to book another show for fall.

“CSI: NY” and “CSI: Miami”: We predict Gary Sinise and company say goodbye this spring, followed by David Caruso next year.


“Criminal Minds”: RENEWED.

“Hawaii 5-0”: RENEWED.

“How I Met Your Mother”: RENEWED.

“How to be a Gentleman”: DEAD.

“Mike & Molly”: RENEWED.



“Person of Interest”: RENEWED.

“Rob”: Might go down to the wire.

“Rules of Engagement”: Still in flux. CBS likes this show to patch a hole when new comedies drop out.

“Survivor”: RENEWED.

“The Amazing Race”: RENEWED

“The Big Bang Theory”: RENEWED.

“The Good Wife”: RENEWED.

“The Mentalist”: RENEWED.

“2 Broke Girls”: RENEWED.

“Two and A Half Men”: Nothing official yet, but we predict a return for the show and Ashton Kutcher.

“Undercover Boss”: RENEWED.

“Unforgettable”: The Poppy Montgomery drama performs fairly well without anybody saying a word about it, which makes us think it’s got a decent shot.

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