One World Trade is now the tallest building in New York City. Does that now make it the biggest target? NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly explains.

Terror plots hidden in porn? On the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden our Nic Robertson has a dramatic, detailed look at proposed terror plots from Al Qaeda. In one, they hijack a cruise ship, kill passengers and post video of it online. Plans were hidden inside porn videos on a memory card, which an operative then hid in his underwear. More plots, more details in the morning – from Nic.

Terror threats in NYC. Police Chief Ray Kelly talks about death of bin Laden +1 year. With One World Trade now biggest building in NYC, is it also biggest target?

The man Republicans love to hate. Paul Krugman is on talking about his new book (“End this Depression Now!”) and what he thinks the “Real Romney” would actually do in office (Krugman writes, “if Romney adhered to Republican orthodoxy, he would of course reject any action along the lines I’ve advocated. It’s not clear, however, whether Romney believes any of the things he is currently saying.”).

Cal Ripken, Jr. The Iron Man is with us to talk sports and how it feels trading a bat for a hammer (he’s building homes around the country).

And, Michael Jordan! Has a mom who wrote a children’s book about Michael’s younger years. Learn what Mike was like as a tyke. It’s an inspiring read and we’ll have her read a few pages from it. (Also, Mike’s Bobcats worst-ever NBA team? Sorry, have to ask.)

Our panelists John Fugelsang, Will Cain and Ryan Lizza will also join in the conversation.

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