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Parliamentary elections will be held in September

The prime minister resigned this week

A far-right party had withdrawn its support from the government

CNN  — 

Parliamentary elections will be held in the Netherlands on September 12, the government announced Friday.

The elections come after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned this week after a far-right party withdrew its support for his government.

The September date gives enough time for new political parties to register, the government said.

Rutte’s resignation came after the far-right Party for Freedom withdrew from talks about an austerity package worth 14.2 billion euros (about $19 billion), according to a news report reprinted on a parliamentary website.

Queen Beatrix asked Rutte and his ministers to stay in their positions until new elections.

Rutte’s government had depended on the support of Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, which came in third in parliamentary elections two years ago.

The new representatives will take office on September 20, the announcement said.