Draw Something: Celebrity quiz

Story highlights

  • Draw Something, a hit mobile game, lets players take turns drawing, guessing objects
  • It's been the No. 1 free app on iPad and iPhone, and has attracted 35 million users
  • The app recently added chat, sharing functions
  • Read more about why Draw Something is such a hit
It's official: We're addicted to Draw Something.
With more than 35 million users, the Pictionary-like app has taken smartphone and tablet users by storm. Some play up to 50 games at once, taking hundreds of turns with each opponent.
Whether you play the game or not, it's fun to look at all the different ways clues are portrayed and try to guess the correct answers. So we've put together this quiz to test your skills: 20 celebrities, 20 portraits, all straight from Draw Something. How many can you guess? Click through the gallery above (don't forget to hit the double arrow to go to the second page) and find out.