Broadway's new 'Annie' Lilla Crawford talks landing the role of a lifetime

A still from the 1982 movie, "Annie" with Aileen Quinn.

Story highlights

  • Lilla Crawford will star in "Annie" on Broadway in fall 2012
  • Crawford: "I got about five or six callbacks until the last callback, then I got it"
  • Crawford: "I'm really looking forward to working with the dogs"
To play the bubbly, optimistic redhead at the center of "Annie," 11-year-old Lilla Crawford doesn't have to reach far.
Fresh off the announcement today that Crawford will be headlining the Broadway revival of the classic musical (due in fall 2012), EW caught up with the bright, buoyant young star before she tackles the iconic role as Broadway's favorite orphan.
Entertainment Weekly: Where were you when you found out you got the part?
Lilla Crawford: Well, my manager called up and said that we had to be at the agent's office to do a video audition, and so we came over and he said it was going to be an interview [about] dogs. It was just going to be questions about dogs, so he started asking me a couple of questions about them, and then he finally said, "How does it feel to be 'Annie' on Broadway?" And I was like, "What? What the--?" And he said, "You're going to be 'Annie' on Broadway!" And I was like, "Really!?" That's what happened. When I found out, oh my gosh, my heart just stopped. I was so amazed and I was so excited to start.
EW: Were your parents there with you?
Crawford: My mom was there! So was my sister, and all of the agents. They were really excited as well. Everyone that I could tell was there. I was supposed to keep it a secret, so I didn't call up anyone, but I wished that I could!
EW: What was the audition process like?
Crawford: Well, when I found out that they were doing a revival of "Annie," I decided