Prince William a 'natural' as he cradles baby at charity event

Prince William puts in baby practice
Prince William puts in baby practice


    Prince William puts in baby practice


Prince William puts in baby practice 01:26

Story highlights

  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meet servicemen returning from South Pole
  • While there, they meet newborn Hugo Eric Scott
  • The prince took the opportunity to cradle the baby as he spoke to his proud parents
While honoring a group of servicemen last night, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met a very special little guest.
Looking at ease, Prince William gazed adoringly at three-week-old Hugo Eric Scott as he spoke to his father, Sgt Paul 'Vic' Vicary, a serviceman who had taken part in an expedition to the South Pole.
Vicary's wife Hanna asked the Duke if he would like to hold the baby and William happily obliged, calmly cradling the newborn dressed in a 'superbaby' outfit.
Later, his wife, Kate also met little Hugo and spoke animatedly with his proud parents. She described him as "very cute," Vicary later told CNN's royal correspondent, Max Foster.
After meeting the royal couple, Hugo's father said the second-in-line to the throne seemed like a natural and joked that he might call on Prince William if he ever needs a babysitter.
The event held at Goldsmiths' Hall in London marked the return of the soldiers who had recreated the well-known Scott-Amundsen race to the South Pole one hundred years ago. The expedition, of which the Duke of Cambridge is the patron, was in aid of the British Royal Legion.
The royal couple has had a busy year since their marriage almost one year ago.
While Kate becomes used to life as a member of the royal family, joining the Queen for special events, Prince William has been kept busy by his RAF commitments. Most recently having been stationed for six weeks in the Falkland Islands.