Lindsay Lohan, shown here at her probation hearing in March, will attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner this year.

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Lindsay Lohan will attend the 2012′s White House Correspondents' dinner

In 2002, bat-biter Ozzy Osbourne attended

David Cross showed up in 2009 and allegedly snorted cocaine  — 

This Saturday night, while you’re watching John Cusack brood in “The Raven” or catching up on “Game of Thrones” – or doing something besides staring at a glowing rectangle – a certain flame-haired actress will be dining with America’s commander-in-chief.

That’s right: Lindsay Lohan, newly minted Lifetime movie star, will attend 2012′s White House Correspondents’ dinner. Her rep tells the Washington Post that Lilo is going to be a guest of Fox News host Greta van Susteren, who must be a closet fan of “I Know Who Killed Me.” And to make matters even odder, Lohan’s defense attorney Shawn Holley will also be present at the soiree. I guess that’ll come in handy if another lady accuses her of battery afterward.

It’s bizarre that Lohan’s going to rub elbows with Barack, Michelle, and a roster of Beltway insiders and Hollywood A-listers at the event. But ever since famous residents of the Left Coast started attending the WHCD in greater numbers, the event’s guest list has included more than a few head scratchers. For example:

- In 2002, bat-biter Ozzy Osbourne attended and evidently stole the show from then-president George W. Bush. (Hey, remember when The Osbournes was a thing?) Bush tried to get the last laugh by telling Osbourne that Barbara Bush was a big fan of albums like “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.”

- 2006 welcomed “Dancing With the Stars” winner Drew Lachey and tennis siren Anna Kournikova, among others. But I’m guessing nobody had time to wonder why these C-listers were in the building; guests must have been too busy gaping at Stephen Colbert’s explosive speech.

- 2008: Heidi Montag got an invite, but had to cancel when human sweat stain Spencer Pratt demanded a ticket as well. What a loss for Washington!

- David Cross showed up in 2009 and allegedly snorted cocaine in front of President Obama. Which decision was worse: doing drugs while surrounded by Secret Service agents or appearing in “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel?”

- 2010 was a banner year for unlikely WHCD attendees. The Jonas Brothers, Chace Crawford’s sister Candice, Katie Lee Joel (Billy’s ex-wife), and Q-list syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams all came. Oh, and so did Kim Kardashian; like Lilo, she was a guest of van Susteren. (So, in fact, was Ozzy Osbourne. I’m shocked she didn’t try to bring Charlie Sheen in 2011.)

- This year, Lindsay may be upstaged by another headline-grabbing guest: Uggie, The Artist’s adorable, heroic Jack Russell Terrier. He’ll be a guest of The Washington Times, a paper that knows from dog puns.

How do you think Lilo compares to those who have come before her? And what do you think she’ll do at the Correspondents’ Dinner – accidentally flash her Mean Girl? Pick a fight with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a repeat attendee? Or surprise us all by acting normal and having a lovely time?

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