Updated 9:57 AM ET, Tue May 15, 2012
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Cathy Greenblat's images of people around the world living with Alzheimer's disease include this unidentified patient with Alzheimer's in Texas who was near the end of her life. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
Before she passed away, Livia enjoyed daily hair salon visits while in hospice for Alzheimer's at a U.S. hospital. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
In the Dominican Republic, Maria's increasing struggle with Alzheimer's forced her to move from her longtime home to a residence in another area where her family could care for her. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
In France, caregiver Bénédicte Cossève works with Mercel in a stimulating and soothing environment. Marcel's rocking chair helps him to concentrate. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
In Japan, this unidentified woman with Alzheimer's enjoyed therapy through music. Joining a drum circle, she became caught up in an intense rhythmic response. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
Also in Japan, an aide in a Kyoto group home embraced this unidentified resident living with Alzheimer's. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
Janette, an ex-attorney, enjoyed playing xylophone while at hospice in the United States during the final days of her life.
In India, Didi arrived at this day care center depressed and using a wheelchair. Now she's more cheerful and walks with little assistance. Didi enjoys a moment with caregiver Ashwani. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat
Jacqueline, a French Alzheimer's patient, needs help getting into bed. Caregiver Cossève wraps her in a soft blanket. Greenblat's images were on display at New York's Pace University. Courtesy Cathy Greenblat