Tennis champions survive the Titanic

Published 8:32 AM ET, Thu April 19, 2012
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Dick Williams (center left) stands next to fellow Titanic survivor Karl Behr (center right) in a picture of the 1914 U.S. Davis Cup team. Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford
The newly commissioned RMS Titanic was the pride of the White Star Line in 1912 ahead of her fateful maiden journey. Getty Images
The 706 survivors of the tragedy, including Williams and Behr, took refuge in 20 collapsible lifeboats. Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford
Behr and his future wife, maiden name Helen Newsom, were first-class passengers on the Titanic.
Lynn Sanford, who writes under the name Helen Behr Sanford, is the author of "Starboard at Midnight" -- an account of her grandfather's life and his survival of the Titanic disaster. Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford
"Starboard at Midnight" was published in late 2011 and is based on the memoirs of Karl Behr and other detailed research. Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford
Publisher Randy Walker and author Lindsay Gibbs (far right) at the 100th anniversary launch of "Titanic: The Tennis Story," a book which recounts Behr and Williams' story using fictional passages. Courtesy Randy Walker
Behr and American partner Beals Wright (far end) playing in the doubles championship at the All England Club at Wimbledon. Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford
A picture of the lifeboat carrying Behr and Titanic owner Bruce Ismay (who is indicated by an arrow) as it approached the RMS Carpathia rescue ship. Getty Images