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The incident was captured on video

While the infant is in pain, one of the workers is seen laughing

One worker says job stress caused her to give the infant hot sauce

CNN —  

Two Oklahoma daycare workers are facing felony child abuse charges after allegedly feeding habanero hot sauce to a 13-month-old boy and laughing as the infant writhed in agony.

The incident occurred in March at a daycare in Muscogee Creek Nation, a federally recognized tribe of Muscogee people based in Oklahoma.

Video footage of the incident shows the daycare workers feeding the infant rice that had been doused with the hot sauce, according to court documents filed last week.

“The video show that shortly after eating from his second plate (the infant) appears to be in distress,” court documents said.

While the infant appears to be in pain, one of the workers is seen laughing.

Workers later come in and give the infant water and clean him.

Interviewed by authorities, the women – identified as Tracy Owens and Rosie Hicks – admitted to giving the young boy hot sauce, according to court documents. Owens said she had no explanation for the incident.

Hicks said the “stress she was under at work,” caused her to do it, the documents said.

Hicks also admitted to another incident where she caused the same infant to fall by moving a table with her foot that the child was leaning on.

Hicks was charged with two counts of child abuse and Owens faces one count.