Photographer captures suffering, endurance in 'murder capital of the world'

Story highlights

  • Julian Cardona, 51, visits California to display his photos of Juarez, Mexico
  • Juarez is called "the murder capital of the world"
  • The 51-year-old photographer doesn't venture out alone any more because of the violence
  • Cartel carnage has turned parts of his one-time "calm" hometown into a "ghost town," he says
Julian Cardona is a photojournalist who works in the "murder capital of the world" -- Juarez, Mexico.
He takes pictures of bodies and survivors, migrants and countrymen, violence and vigils.
The 51-year-old photographer puts his life on the line for such photography because he wants the world to know of a patch of earth that many American journalists -- even those in Mexico, too -- fear to tread and often avoid.
That's because the violence by Mexican cartels and other criminals who control swaths of the borderlands have secured a reputation for ferocious violence and carnage, including to those who dare to chronicle the death toll.
To capture the human suffering and endurance, often in the powerful imagery of black-and-white photographs, Cardona doesn't venture out alone anymore. He partners with other photographers -- who had been competitors under less dark times -- becau