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Savage beating, robbery caught on tape

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The victim's watch, iPhone and car key are stolen

Video of the March 18 attack went viral

Police are searching for other suspects

Baltimore CNN —  

Police in Baltimore have made a second arrest in a violent robbery that left a man battered and stripped of his clothes last month while onlookers laughed and did nothing to help.

According to a police report, the 31-year-old victim from Virginia was headed to his hotel from a downtown Baltimore club when he was attacked.

The victim was headed to his hotel from a downtown Baltimore club when he was attacked, according to a police report. The man, who had been drinking, told police he could not recall exactly what happened. However, the videos fill in the blanks.

In it, a man is seen standing unsteadily against a row of mailboxes near the city courthouse.

He pursues the supposed thief and is punched in the face. The man falls over backward and his head hits the sidewalk so hard it can be heard on the video.

“Smackdown!” someone yells.

His pockets are rifled and his clothes pulled off. Some people can be heard laughing, and no one comes to his aid.

According to the police report, the man lost his Tag Heuer watch, which he valued at $1,300, his iPhone and car key.

After the video went viral, authorities received multiple tips that Parsons was involved in the melee, a Baltimore police report said. Investigators also used Facebook and Parsons driver’s license to help identify him, the police report said.

Police are searching for other suspects.

CNN’s Dugald McConnell contributed to this report.