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Lawyer: Charges show Trayvon mattered

Today at 1:30pm ET, George Zimmerman is expected to face a judge for the first time to request bail. Zimmerman was taken in last night at the Seminole County Jail, and he’s now charged with second-degree murder.

The charges come 46 days after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, which he claims was in self-defense.

This morning on “Starting Point,” Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson talks with Soledad about how the family is handling news of charges finally being filed in the shooting of their son.

“I think they feel relieved and they feel that someone recognizes that their child mattered. So, I think that this validates that their child mattered,” Jackson says.

Jackson also explains how if Zimmerman is not convicted on the murder charge, which carries a maximum life-sentence, that there could be a variation of manslaughter convictions possible as well.

“This family has only called for equal justice in this case,” Jackson adds. “They called for simple justice. They haven’t asked for any favors. They asked for justice to apply equally for all.”

See more of the interview below.

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Lawyer: Martins ask for simple justice