"Bully" family reacts to film
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The new film “Bully” has been making headlines for showing audiences just how bad bullying amongst kids can get. The film was made in hopes of encouraging kids to stand up for their peers, but was rated “R” for its inclusion of curse words.

After some negotiations, the MPAA dropped the rating to PG-13 so that more kids could see it. Director Lee Hirsch talks with Soledad on “Starting Point” this morning, explaining that the rating was all about one scene on the bus, where several curse words could be heard loud and clear. Hirsch said they did not want to remove the scene because it demonstrated just how bad the situation was. With a few minor edits to other curses in the movie, the MPAA reversed its decision.

Joining Hirsch on Starting Point was the Libby family: Alex, Philip and Jackie. They are featured in the film, and there are some emotional scenes demonstrating how their son Alex is badly bullied, and his parents fear for his safety. The family told Soledad how they felt when the school barely reacted, and what Alex learned from his experience.

Lee Hirsch said he hopes “Bully” will continue to better the conversation about bullying, and help find a solution for this problem that will affect 13 million kids this year.

For more information, visit TheBullyProject.com.

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Working for solutions against bullying
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