Exotic animals saved from illegal pet trade

Published 9:27 AM ET, Wed April 4, 2012
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Jasim Ali with lion Teymour, whom he says he rescued from a farm where he was a neglected pet.
A Siberian tiger at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center. Ninety percent of the center's animals are rescued. CNN
A family of white lions at the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center, where most confiscated big cats are brought. White lions can go for $50,000 on the black market, according the to center. CNN
An endangered Nile crocodile in Ras Al Khaimah Wildlife Park. A baby crocodile can be bought illegally in animals markets for as little as $150, according to Ali. CNN
Cheetahs, the fastest animals on land, are popular status symbol pets. One YouTube video shows a cheetah being lead around on a leash indoors. CNN
White lion cubs at the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center. Some big cats bought as cubs are abandoned when they grow bigger and more violent.
Ayesha Kelaif with her South American macaw Rio, an endangered animal. She found him abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking lot. CNN
A 75-year-old tortoise at Dubai Animal Rescue Center. Founder Ayesha Kelaif says these tortoises live to 150, so she says you have to plan ahead when you buy an animal.
A rescued white tiger at the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center. CNN
A black jaguar at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center, where most confiscated pets are looked after. CNN