Afghanistan's female boxers fighting beyond ring

Updated 7:49 AM ET, Tue April 3, 2012
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17-year-old Sadaf Rahimi was given a wild card to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN
The boxing gym is a crumbling room inside Kabul's Ghazni stadium -- a venue for public executions under the Taliban. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN
Rahimi says she's experienced hostility from some in Afghanistan -- including family members -- who say women should not play sports. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN
The Afghan Amateur Women's Boxing Association was established in 2007 to promote women and girls in sport. The Taliban had banned women from playing sport. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN
Rahimi is coached by Mohammed Saber Sharifi, a former male professional boxer and advocate for women's rights. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN
Rahimi says she can only train for an hour for a day, such is the demand for sports facilities in the Afghan capital. Mitra Mobasherat/CNN