Stigma for town in Trayvon Martin killing

Updated 7:09 AM ET, Mon April 2, 2012
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Memorials to Trayvon Martin grow daily outside The Retreat at Twin Lakes, the gated Sanford, Florida, community where neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman shot and killed the unarmed teen February 26. The death has sparked protests across the country and brought unwanted attention to Sanford, a town north of Orlando. John Couwels/CNN
Sanford's main roads are dotted with mini strip malls in between patches of what remains of central Florida's agricultural history. Views about the Martin case depend on which streets you stand on in Sanford. John Couwels/CNN
"I don't see Sanford as being a prejudiced town by any means," said Michelle Simoneaux, left, manager of downtown's Colonial Room Restaurant and Fountain. "This could happen anywhere, but it doesn't happen every day. " John Couwels/CNN
A neighborhood watch sign marks the gated community where Martin died. Zimmerman has said he killed the teen in self-defense, police said. Eric Fiegel/cnn
Members of the Goldsboro community play a game under an oak tree. Goldsboro was one of Florida's earliest towns incorporated by African-Americans before Sanford absorbed it and took over in 1911. Residents speak of frequent police patrols in the area and other cases similar to Martin's. John Couwels/CNN
A protest sign painted on the window of a car at a housing project calls for Zimmerman's arrest. For some, the Martin case has become a rallying cry, a chance to air what they believe are years of grievances. John Couwels/CNN
The Martin killing has been the subject of intense coverage in local newspapers as well as the national media. John Couwels/CNN
Longtime resident Myranette Boynton, 58, says she thinks the attention to Sanford will make a difference. "This occasion has happened too many times, and enough is enough," Boynton says from the banks of Lake Monroe. "Trayvon is not the only one, but Trayvon should be the last one." John Couwels/CNN
A handwritten card lies among the memorial gifts outside the neighborhood where the high schooler died. John Couwels/CNN
A woman strolls through the downtown area. Many residents say they wonder whether Sanford will forever be known as the place where an unarmed black teen was killed while heading home from the store. John Couwels/CNN
Signs about the shooting have been posted throughout the Florida city, and the message is clear: People want answers. John Couwels/CNN