Every Sunday at 2 p.m. ET the CNN show ‘The Next List’ profiles a person with a new idea that could change the world. Here’s a list of all of the innovators the show has featured since it started in November 2011. Check back for updates.

Hugh Herr, prosthetics developer and bionic man

Hugh Herr: Bionic man
06:19 - Source: CNN

Blue School, the Blue Man Group takes on education

Introduction to Creativity: 101
05:35 - Source: CNN

Syyn Labs, California ‘creative art collective’

the next list syyn labs part 1_00020925
A 'league of extraordinary nerds'
06:29 - Source: CNN

Dan Ogola, Kenyan healthcare activist

the next list creating wealth through health_00031817
Creating wealth through health
03:59 - Source: CNN

Yves Behar, designer of $100 laptop

Yves Behar: Designer on a mission
03:19 - Source: CNN

Dale Dougherty, ‘maker’ movement guru

the next list dale dougherty_00013008
Making more makers
03:45 - Source: CNN

Ubaldo Vitali, silversmith

the next list ubaldo vitali silversmith genius_00013230
Ubaldo Vitali: Silversmith, 'Genius'
05:26 - Source: CNN

Bjarke Ingels, futurist architect

Bjarke Ingels: An architect for his time
05:47 - Source: CNN

Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele virtuoso and peacemaker

tnl.jake.part1 _00051706
The Next List: Jake Shimabukuro
06:08 - Source: CNN

Scott Snibbe, Bjork’s app designer

the next list snibbe part 1_00034711
The Next List: Scott Snibbe
06:09 - Source: CNN

Tristan Eaton, graffiti artists turned toy designer

the next list tristan eaton pt 1_00014518
The Next List: Tristan Eaton
04:05 - Source: CNN

Heather Knight, social roboticist

A Girl and Her Robot
05:49 - Source: CNN

Homaro Cantu, molecular gastronomer

tnl homaro cantu part 1 _00004613
The Next List: Homaro Cantu
05:39 - Source: CNN

Christopher Brosius, cab driver turned perfumer

The Next List: Christopher Brosius
05:28 - Source: CNN

Marco Tempest, “cyber illusionist”

the next list marco tempest part 1_00023310
The Next List: Meet Marco Tempest
06:01 - Source: CNN