Oklahoma judge overrules state law requiring ultrasound before abortion

Story highlights

  • The law required women seeking abortions to have sonograms and hear details
  • The judge said the law was "unconstitutional and unenforceable"
An Oklahoma County judge has overruled a state law requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound of the fetus before the abortion, according to court documents
District Judge Brian Dixon's clerk confirmed the decision Wednesday, saying the judge ruled that the law was "unconstitutional and unenforceable."
The decision overrules an Oklahoma state statute passed in 2010 that would have forced women seeking an abortion to see a sonogram of the fetus and have the fetus described in detail.
Enforcement of the statute was halted in May 2010, shortly after it passed, by a temporary injunction, but Wednesday's ruling makes that injunction permanent and restrains law enforcement from enforcing the act.
It was not clear whether there were instances of the law being enforced in the time between its passage and the imposition of the temporary injunction.