Lindsay Lohan's troubled timeline

Lindsay Lohan at an event during Milan Fashion Week on September 24, 2011.

Story highlights

  • Lohan's felony probation ends after five years, but she remains on informal probation
  • Four judges sent Lohan to jail six times for 120 days, but she served less than two weeks
  • Lohan's spent 250 days in five drug rehab facilities in the past five years
  • The actress has gotten good probation reports for the past four months
Lindsay Lohan's convoluted path through the legal system, which began with a drunken driving arrest nearly five years ago, reached a resolution Thursday as a judge ended her formal felony probation.
The actress' struggle with drugs and alcohol sent her to five rehab facilities for a total of 250 days since January 2007.
Lohan has appeared in court 20 times before four judges who have found her in violation of her probation four times and sentenced her to six months in jail. Still, she spent less than two weeks behind bars in her six trips to the Los Angeles County jail. Measures to relieve jail overcrowding led to her release after just hours in all but one of those visits. Lohan did spend 35 days confined to her Venice, California, home.
Lohan also served about 67 days of community service, mostly working at the Los Angeles County morgue.
Lohan's troubled timeline is lengthy:
• January 2007: Lohan enters a drug rehab program for the first time. She continues work on the movie "I Know Who Killed Me" during her 30-day stay at the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles.
• May 26, 2007: The actress is arrested on a misdemeanor drunken driving charge after she lost control of her Mercedes-Benz convertible and struck a curb in Beverly Hills, California. She checks into Promises Treatment Center in Malibu for her second visit to rehab. Lohan is voluntarily fitted with an alcohol monitoring bracelet after her release from her 45-day rehab stay.
• July 24, 2007: Just two weeks after checking out of rehab, she is arrested again. A woman called Santa Monica police, saying Lohan was trying to run her down with a car. Lohan is charged with drunken driving, cocaine possession and driving with a suspended license.
• August 2007: Lohan enters rehab for a third time, this time at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Sundance, Utah.