New Van Gogh painting found in Dutch museum

Updated 3:09 PM ET, Thu March 22, 2012
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"Still life with Meadow Flowers and Roses," a painting dismissed for years as the work of an unknown artist has been identified as a piece by Vincent Van Gogh. Courtesy: Kroeller-Mueller Museum
A new high-tech x-ray imaging technique revealed an underpainting of wrestlers, and details of the pigments used in the design, allowing experts to identify it as a Van Gogh work. Courtesy: Kroeller-Mueller Museum
Van Gogh is thought to have painted the first picture, of wrestlers, in January 1886, while studying at the art academy in Antwerp. He is believed to have painted over it with the still life just a few months later. Cover/Getty Images
Van Gogh, portrayed here by Kirk Douglas in the 1956 film "Lust for Life," led a famously troubled life, struggling with poverty and mental illness before his eventual suicide in 1890. Getty Images
His works, derided during his lifetime, are now among the most highly prized paintings in the world, fetching huge sums at auction, and awarded star roles at some of the world's most prestigious galleries.
His much-copied most famous works, including "Sunflowers," "Irises" and "The Starry Night" adorn everything from postcards to pencil cases. AFP/Getty Images