02:44 - Source: CNN
Schock predicts Romney win in Illinois

Polls are open in what is one of the biggest primaries yet.

Illinois has 69 total GOP delegates, and of those 54 are at stake in the primary. The winner is expected to capture the bulk of the delegates and would net the biggest haul since the Georgia primary earlier this month.

Mitt Romney is looking to pad his commanding lead in the delegate chase. Rick Santorum is hoping to burst Romney’s bubble of inevitability.

While nothing’s impossible, a new poll by the American Research Group of likely GOP primary voters has Romney with 44% of the vote - up 9 points from a different poll nearly two weeks ago.

This morning on “Starting Point,” Soledad talks with Romney supporter Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Illinois). He predicts Romney will win big in the primary today, and in the video below responds to Romney’s comments that the economy is improving.

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Rep. Schock on Romney's rebound comments