Here are the six must-read links for your morning:

01- Check out “Romney faces another ‘must-win’ state in Illinois primary” by CNN’s John Helton to find out what’s at stake in today’s Illinois contest and to read about what the GOP candidates have been up to on the campaign trail in the days leading up to the primary.

02- Interested in the contents of the GOP’s new budget plan, set to be released today? Check out a preview of the budget in Paul Ryan’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal “The GOP Budget and America’s Future.” The House GOP budget aims to address the national deficit by “cutting debt as a share of the economy by roughly 15% over the next decade.”

03- Politico’s “Democrats to John Boehner: Don’t break debt deal,” which describes the rare joint letter sent by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee chairmen to Speaker Boehner yesterday asking him to back away from the new House GOP budget. David Rogers writes that the chairmen “warn that the revised $1.028 trillion cap only invites more delay this summer and ‘represents a breach of faith that will make it more difficult to negotiate future agreements.’”

04- With public outrage over the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin continuing to grow, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the incident Monday. Check out the Reuters article “Outrage prompts U.S. investigation of Florida teen killing” by Barbara Liston for information about the investigation and the campaign that drew attention to the case.

05- CNN’s “Suspect in Afghan massacre has memory loss, lawyer says” outlines new details about the staff sergeant accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians. In an interview with CBS News yesterday, Staff Sgt. Bales’ attorney John Henry Browne explains that Bale was not drunk the night of the killings, but he does not remember what happened and is in shock.

06- New details about the attack outside a Jewish school in Franceare available in the New York Times’ “Gunman Reportedly Filmed Lethal Shooting Spree at French Jewish School.” Journalists Scott Syare and Steven Erlanger write that the “gunman seemed to be filming his actions as he coolly shot his victims to death,” according to surveillance footage from the school’s security cameras.

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