At least 2 dead in avalanche in Norway

Rescuers hurry toward helicopters after a deadly avalanche Monday outside Kafjord, Norway.

Story highlights

  • One person has been dug out alive, police say
  • At least two skiers are dead in Norway avalanche
  • Good weather is aiding the rescue effort, police say
An avalanche in northern Norway swept six French skiers down a mountain, killing at least two of them, police said Monday.
"We have located two dead people in the avalanche, and one has been dug out alive," Astrid Nilsen with the Troms Police District told CNN. "We have also located three more avalanche pagers that we are working on digging out, but we are not sure that there will be anyone with them in case they lost their pagers in the avalanche."
Skiers carry pagers to help authorities locate them in such situations.
Police, civilians and helicopters were involved in the search in the mountains of Djupvik in the community of Kafjord in Troms.
"It is a good weather here today so we are hopeful we'll find them," said Torstein Skogvang, a police spokesman.
Authorities were notified around 2:30 p.m. (9.30 a.m. ET) of the avalanche, he said.
"According to the initial reports, (there) are six persons from France who were out skiing and got caught in the avalanche," Skogvang told CNN.
He said the six were among a group of 12 on the mountain.