Police raid on Toulouse shooting suspect

Updated 8:25 AM ET, Thu March 22, 2012
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French Interior Minister Claude Gueant confirms shooting suspect Mohammed Merah is dead after a siege lasting more than 31 hours on Thursday, March 22. AFP/Getty Images
Police and rescue members are pictured after the siege ends on Thursday. Police burst into the apartment of Mohammed Merah, prompting a shootout that ended with Merah, gun in hand, jumping out a window to his death, authorities said Thursday. AFP/Getty Images
Two police officers were injured in the raid, Interior Minister Claude Gueant said. Merah had said he wanted to "die with weapons in his hands. AFP/Getty Images
Merah, 23, was wanted in the killings of three French paratroopers and of three students and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, in a string of shootings that began on March 11. AFP/Getty Images
Merah had told French police that he had trained with al Qaeda in Pakistan's Waziristan region, bordering Afghanistan, and that he had planned to attack more soldiers and police Wednesday. AFP/Getty Images
Police fired stun grenades at the building every hour through the night Wednesday, but there was no response. French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told CNN the blasts were meant to pressure Merah back into talks with negotiators. AFP/Getty Images
Around 300 police officers surrounded the apartment in Toulouse on Wednesday March 21, during an operation to arrest Mohammed Merah. Authorities say he was a self-styled al Qaeda jihadist. AFP/Getty Images
Local residents are evacuated from the area as police surround the suspect's property on Wednesday. It is believed Mohammed Merah had been under surveillance by French intelligence for years. Getty Images
French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday tells representatives of French Jewish and Muslim communities: "We must be united. We must give in neither to discrimination nor revenge." AFP/Getty Images
French 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment paratroopers carry the coffin of Abel Chennouf during his funeral at the Montauban cathedral on Wednesday. He was killed in the second attack in Montauban on March 15. AFP/Getty Images
French policemen stand near the apartment of Mohammed Merah on Wednesday. Interior Minister Gueant said the suspect was a French national of Algerian origin.
The raid on Mohammed Merah's apartment began at 3:30am local time on Wednesday. Shots rang out from inside the building, wounding two officers, police said. Getty Images
The coffins containing the bodies of the victims of the shooting at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel from France on March 20. They were buried in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Getty Images
A policeman stands guard on Tuesday in front of the Jewish school where four people were killed the day before in Toulouse. AFP/Getty Images
School children are comforted at the scene of the fatal shooting in Toulouse, France on Monday, March 19. AFP/Getty Images
French President Nicolas Sarkozy shakes hands with the mayor of Toulouse at the Ozar Hatorah school. Sarkozy flew to Toulouse on Monday, after the school shooting took place. He declared "everything must be done so the killer is arrested." AFP/Getty Images
Rabbi Rav Gabriel directs families to the scene of the fatal shooting on Monday. France, which has one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe, had 389 reported acts of anti-Semitism in 2011, according to Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France. Getty Images
Police investigators work at the scene of the crime on Monday. Merah was sentenced 15 times by a Toulouse juvenile court when he was a minor. AFP/Getty Images
Merah was in a Toulouse court February 24 for causing an accident with injuries and driving without a license and was sentenced to a month in jail, his lawyer, Christian Etelin said. AFP/Getty Images
A woman places a bouquet of flowers on March 17, at the site where two French soldiers were killed on March 15, in the French city of Montauban. AFP/Getty Images