Here are the five must-read links for your morning:

1- All anyone will talk about today is the new iPad release. CNN’s wire on the new iPad release has all the details you need, including when they go on sale (8am in each time zone), how much they cost (from $499 to $829 depending on the memory you select) and how many geek points you get for standing in line to get one (just kidding…you know that can’t be quantified).

2- “The New York Times” reports this morning that Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney, has a stake in a video surveillance company that is the biggest supplier to the Chinese government’s Safe Cities monitoring program. Expect to hear this story come up a lot over the next few days.

3- Daniel Yergin, author of “The Quest,” writes a piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning explaining “What’s Behind Rising Gas Prices?” Yergin says the rise in oil prices back in 2008 was due to “the surge in oil consumption in emerging markets, disruptions, and a belief that the world was running short of oil (the so-called peak oil crisis). In 2012, the reason is mainly geopolitics.”

4- “The Seattle Times” has a piece explaining why the staff sergeant from Joint Base Lewis-McChord who went on a shooting rampage in Afghanistan was reluctant to return to war. His lawyer John Henry Browne says it was the soldier’s fourth tour of duty, and the stress of returning to war may have pushed him to snap.

5- Remember just a few weeks ago when all anyone could talk about the the ‘Linsanity’ surrounding Jeremy Lin and his playing streak for the Knicks? As quickly as it exploded, it appears to have fizzled, according to the New York Times’ headline declaring “Linsanity Has Left the Building.”

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