The "American Idol" top 10 contestants.

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Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt joined Shannon Magrane in the bottom three

Randy Jackson dismissed Magrane immediately following her rehash of "One Sweet Day"

Magrane was eliminated on Thursday  — 

Awww. No offense to high school volleyball player Shannon Magrane (I totally just teared up watching her famous baseball dad’s proud-papa reaction to her highlight reel), but I’m glad someone went home last night. After Top 12 contestant Jermaine Jones was disqualified on Wednesday, I thought the whole week might be a wash.

Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt joined Shannon in the bottom three, so they all sat glowering like three icky girls that the stupid, stupid little boys refused to pick for their kickball teams at recess. Don’t they know how well those girls can wail? That was a really poor analogy, though, because 1) kickball and recess are pointless, unlike “American Idol” which is EVERYTHING, and 2) it’s likely the female vote that landed three ladies on the stools of doom in the first place. Please start voting for your sisters, sisters! I know we all have a lot of texting to do, but you can find time to dial in for DeAndre’s hair and Elise Testone within the same hour, I promise. Try it!

Randy dismissed Shannon immediately following her “sing for your life” rehash of “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, but earlier in the episode Ryan Seacrest confirmed that the judges will get to use a “save” in this season’s horse race. Any time from now until the Top 5, our steamy “Neighwatch” lifeguards Randy, J. Lo, and Steven can rescue a contestant from the big bad sea of possible elimination.

Remember last year, when the judges used their season 10 save on Casey Abrams two weeks before presumed frontrunner Pia Toscano was eliminated? I can see them holding out on this year’s get-out-of-jail-free card unless Jessica Sanchez is in danger.

I can also see Seacrest instituting a “Ryan’s Save” out of nowhere so that he could keep his favorite pretty pony Colton Dixon around. God forbid.

Oh, how Ryan teases his pretty pony! His attempts to fool Colton into thinking he’s in the bottom three have been hilariously bad for three weeks running. This time, Ryan tried to blame Colton’s obscure song choice from Wednesday’s performance show. “Unfortunately, my man, that has cost you……….. being away from your family this summer, ‘cause you’re going on the tour!” Don’t ever stop, Ryan. Keep on letting those crawfishy creative juices fly.

Hmm, what else? Pretty uneventful show, to be honest. I did appreciate that this week’s ridiculous Ford Music Video, which took place in a “haunted house” (Ryan could barely get that out without guffawing), could easily have doubled as an ad for Hi-C’s Ecto-Cooler. (Products from a Year Well Before Most of the Idols Were Born.) Way to keep the theme of the week going, anyway.

Daughtry, who used to have a first name but nope not anymore, showed up all high on life from Tuesday night’s hookup with Colton Dixon at the Belmont. He and his band played “Out of My Head” from their new album “Break the Spell.” Right away I felt that Daughtry’s keyboardist had a decidedly Uncle Jesse vibe, and then as I unfocused my eyes a little (it’s a good way to relax and hear the music better) I started pretending that the lanky guitarist on the left was Adrien Brody. And maybe Daughtry was present-day Joey Lawrence? So all in all it was a fun few minutes for me. For you?

Oh, I was also pleasantly surprised by Demi Lovato on her single “Give Your Heart a Break.” She was just stomping all over that stage, grooving with her guitarists who were very excited to be rocking out on a Demi Lovato song, and pausing at just the right times to bask in the spotlight and dramatically toss around her miles of weave. I thought she sounded great. My vague impressions of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had merged over the years into one tiny, sequined, gelatinous blob prior to this. So now that I’ve confirmed they’re two different people, I’m pretty sure I choose this one! Demi truly won my heart with that silver fringed scarf. (“DWTS” premiere in three days, y’all.)

Okay, what are your thoughts on the Top 11 results? Were you surprised that Percy Sledge uses email? Would you award J. Lo’s dress a sparkly gold star? It’s not like she needs another one!

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