From Soledad’s playlist:

Beyonce featuring Jay-Z “Crazy in Love”

Bob Marley “Get Up Stand Up”

Katy Perry “ET”

From Hank Sheinkopf’s playlist:

Frank Sinatra “I’ll Be Seeing You”

Bobby Darin “Beyond the Sea”

Billy Joel “New York State of Mind”

From Jeff Toobin’s playlist:

Elvis Costello “Welcome to the Working Week”

J. Geils Band “Freeze Frame”

From Will Cain’s playlist:

My Chemical Romance “Welcome to the Black Parade”

George Strait “Blue Clear Sky”

Jamey Johnson “Between Jennings and Jones”

From Tony Perkins’s playlist:

James Taylor “You’ve got a Friend”

From Tavis Smiley’s playlist:

Stevie Wonder “I Wish”

From William Cohan’s playlist:

Neil Young “After The Gold Rush”

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