Masterpieces at Maastricht art fair

Updated 12:30 PM ET, Thu March 15, 2012
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The European Fine Art Fair in Mastricht is one of the highlights of the art world calendar, where collectors can browse an array of fine art objects spanning 7,000 years. This terraccotta lion by Florentine artist Giovan Battista Foggini dates from 1715 and is thought to have been the model for a commemorative monument to Queen Anne of England. Moretti Fine Art
Pasqualino Veneto's oil on panel painting of the Madonna and Child, on view at Moretti Fine Art's stand, was once owned by France's Napoleon III. Moretti Fine Art
Fine art and antiques from all over the world draw an international roster of collectors to TEFAF. TEFAF Maastricht, Harry Heuts
The fair is a showcase not just for paintings and sculpture but also valuable decorative objects such as these timepieces. TEFAF Maastricht, Harry Heuts
Antiquities from across the globe are displayed at the fair, such as this Egyptian relief depicting Queen Hatshepsut, dating back to 1479-1457 BC. TEFAF Mastricht, Harry Heuts
Rare volumes, such as this illuminated manuscript, the Imhof Prayer Book, illustrated by 16th century Flemish painter Simon Bening, are a draw to collectors. TEFAF Mastricht, Harry Heuts
TEFAF's vetting process is well known among dealers: Museum professionals check every work of art on display at the fair to make sure it is of the highest quality. TEFAF Mastricht, Harry Heuts