Marange diamond mine

Updated 8:32 PM ET, Thu March 15, 2012
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Some experts believe the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe are among the largest discovery of diamonds in generations. CNN
Vehicles moving earth in a mine owned by Marange Resources, one of the four companies operating in the area. CNN
Diamonds are being sorted in a glass case. Marange Resources says no human beings are allowed to touch the diamonds during the extraction process. CNN
Three plants of Marange Resources produce a minimum of 200,000 carats every month, according to its mining manager. CNN
Two local workers at a diamond mine owned by Marange Resources in Zimbabwe. CNN
The diamond mines in Marange are kept under tight security to avoid theft. CNN
The Marketplace Africa team, along with host Robyn Curnow (pictured), gained exclusive access to the diamond fields after weeks of negotiations. CNN