iReporters honor memory of Davy Jones

Updated 7:30 PM ET, Wed March 14, 2012
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Gretchen Van Aken became fast friends with Jones in the Broadway cast of "Oliver!" "Davy got away with murder on and off stage, but he would never be fired because he always managed to do his job and he always got standing ovations at the curtain calls." courtesy Gretchen Van Aken
Pamela Grogan was pulled onstage at a show with Jones and fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz in the summer of 1977 in Dennisport, Massachusetts. "I was so excited and was laughing, he was so cute and dreamy. [I was] smiling and laughing from ear to ear. You can tell by Davy's expressions that he was imitating James Cagney. What an experience that I'll treasure forever." courtesy Pamela Grogan and Debbie Kure
Jones, Dolenz and Dolenz's sister performed at The Compass lounge in Dennisport in front of about 100 fans. Grogan had these photos ready to scan and send to Jones, and to display in a museum in Beavertown, Pennsylvania, when she learned that he had passed away. courtesy Pamela Grogan and Debbie Kure
Cathy Palmer has a large collection of Monkees memorabilia, going back to the early days. Of Jones, she said, "I will miss knowing he is out there somewhere, hoping once again to see him perform, but I also cherish my memories more now because I know that is all there can be." courtesy Cathy Palmer
Mary Hirsch named a Jones-themed show after one of her diary entries. courtesy Mary Hirsch
Lynn Ross first saw the Monkees perform in the 1960s in Duluth, Minnesota. When Jones returned in 2009, she went backstage to meet him for a cancer benefit she was working with. "When I asked him to sign my program, he said to me, 'Now that's going to cost you a kiss on my cheek. Can you afford that?' 'Absolutely!' " courtesy Lynn Ross
This was only Pat Killebrew's second time meeting Davy Jones, in 2010, though she had been to many of his concerts since 1986 and had been a fan since the Monkees began. "I taught my children how to do the Monkees walk. We have a standing joke as to which of them inherits my Monkees scrapbook and photos and bobbleheads and other memorabilia when I'm gone." courtesy pat killebrew
What might have been a sad day -- the closing of a portrait studio in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, last year -- became a happy occasion for Lori C. Padilla and her co-workers when Jones showed up. "To our shock, he serenaded us in the middle of the studio. He then offered us tickets to his show that evening." courtesy Lori C. Padilla
Rebecca Anderson and Sara Mullen took this photo with Jones on February 23. courtesy Mark Stepaniak