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A winning Powerball ticket is bought in Rhode Island

It is the second winning ticket sold in the state in a month

"This is quite exciting. Quite unusual," lottery director says

No one has claimed the newest $60 million prize yet

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For the second time in a month, someone bought a winning multimillion-dollar Powerball ticket in Rhode Island.

“This is quite exciting. Quite unusual,” Rhode Island lottery director, Gerald Aubin, told CNN affiliate WPRI. “I have to ask for the assistance of some mathematicians in our state to figure out the odds of having winners so close.”

Rhode Island, the eighth least populous state, is among a pool of 42 states vying for the Powerball jackpot.

The winning numbers were 12-35-45-46-47 and the Powerball was 12. The ticket was bought from a store in Smithfield City, lottery officials said. No one has come forward yet to claim the $60 million winnings.

On Tuesday, an 81-year-old Rhode Island resident claimed a $336.4 million Powerball lottery prize.

Louise White bought the winning ticket last month in Newport, Rhode Island, after a family member had a craving for rainbow sherbet and brought her to a store where she purchased the ticket.

After realizing she had won, White said she tucked the winning ticket into her Bible and went to sleep holding it. She brought it with her to breakfast the next day until she could eventually store it in a safe deposit box.

Aubin said the winning streak may push sales in the country’s smallest state.

“This is advertising for us obviously. We spend a lot of money on advertising annually for Powerball, and this is certainly helping us,” Aubin said. “You can’t have better advertising than having a winner.”