I landed in Austin, TX late last night, here for South by Southwest. We’re doing our show live this morning from the CNN Grill. This afternoon, I’m moderating a panel around my Black in America doc that focused on Silicon Valley and opportunities for African Americans.

I’ll confess…I watched an episode of ABC’s “Revenge” before I went to bed. This is my new favorite show but it airs so late that I have to download the epsiodes to watch them in bulk. I’m SO tired–but its so worth it.

In this particular episode, Emily Thorne contines to exact revenge on the Grayson’s–the family that caused her father’s unjust incarceration and eventual death. It’s all unravelling for them, in the episode called “Perception.”

Our focus today (without the unravelling and incarceration!) is also perception, as we wait for the latest unemployment numbers to come out. Estimates run in the 200,000 range, which would keep the unemployment rate stable at 8.3 percent. Christine Romans is standing by to crunch the numbers for us, and then we’ll talk perception–what do these figures mean politically for President Obama? Or the GOP candidates who continue to bring their message to their supporters (and the media trailing them) about jobs and the future of the American economy? I’ll talk to Austan Goolsbee, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Obama Administration right after the numbers are released.

I’m snarfing down a bagel with cream cheese as I type this: it’s a bit disappointing. We New Yorkers have the best bagels and this one is squishy. Might as well call it a kaiser roll. But I’m excited to talk about SXSW with Louis Black, who is a co-founder of the music/film/tech festival that now draws approximately 30,000 people every year.

We’ll also hear from the great Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, who spent a year chronicling his dad in the new movie “Decoding Deepak.” Deepak says the movie, which is premiering at SXSW on Sunday, is about “my son’s attempt to unravel the mystery of who I am, but it’s also an attempt to unrwap who he is.” That should be fun.

This is the first time I’m traveling with our producer Maral Usefi–and she is the cheeriest person in the morning! It’s sickening! No I’m kidding.

Since it’s Friday, we’re going out for cosmos right after the show, celebrating 10 weeks that “Starting Point” has been on the air!