No makeup, no problem: Stars show off natural beauty

Updated 3:00 PM ET, Fri June 10, 2016
Alicia Keys Instagram No Make UpAlicia Keys Instagram No Make Up
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Alicia Keys has moved away from just a few makeup-free selfies. The singer recently wrote an essay saying she is tired of covering up and is now team #nomakeup. Click through the gallery to see other stars who've gone au naturel: Alicia Keys
Tyra Banks is a former supermodel who knows a thing or two about makeup and Photoshop. But in June 2015, she posted an unretouched, makeup-free photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, "You deserve to see the REAL me." from instagram
Megan Fox is an Instagram newbie, but she already has a knack for taking selfies. The star shared her first Instagram self-portrait -- and her second post to the site overall -- in July 2014, telling her fans that although the photo was captured in the early morning without makeup, she definitely used a filter. From Instagram
Zooey Deschanel shared a #nomakeup and #nofilter self-portrait on Twitter in May 2014. "Good morning!" she cheerfully posted. from twitter
Actress Lupita Nyong'o posted a photo of herself without makeup lounging in a New York hotel in March 2014. Lupita Nyong'o Instagram
Gwyneth Paltrow also posted an Instagram picture of herself sans makeup in March 2014. from instagram
Singer Lorde posted a makeup-less selfie on her Instagram account in February 2014 with the caption "In bed in Paris with my acne cream on." from instagram
Talk-show host Bethenny Frankel tweeted a picture of herself without makeup in February 2014. "This is my 'it's Monday' face, which looks very similar to my 'I'm exhausted and it's only Monday' face," she wrote. from twitter
Jessica Simpson appeared in the May 2010 edition of Marie Claire magazine without makeup or retouching, the magazine said at the time. "I don't have anything to prove anymore," Simpson told the magazine. "What other people think of me is not my business." When the magazine published, a debate ensued as to whether touch-ups were in fact applied to her photos, but Simpson was adamant that the photo was legit. Marie Claire
Little Monsters and the world got yet another unexpected surprise when Lady Gaga ditched her outrageous style to reveal her "natural" self In the October 2011 issue of Harper's Baazar. She told the magazine, "Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside." Harper's Bazaar
Jennifer Love Hewitt posted this photo of herself makeup-free with the tweet "No make up pic for my lovelys!" Her fan Leonardo Milevich posted a response: "This only prove[s] the kind of great woman you are. Hugs for you." from Twitter
Jessica Biel has forged a reputation of going out with little to no makeup. She told People: "There's a vulnerability to being photographed without having your eyes defined or your eyebrows filled in, but I don't wear a lot of makeup in my personal life. I find that men, in my past, have preferred me without it. They always said, 'No, take that off.' " Getty Images
Snooki posted a photo of herself without makeup last year on Twitter, and she was showered with positive responses from fans for her fresh-faced look. "Why do you always put on so much makeup? You don't need to! You're gorgeous," posted Brianna Nicole Romagnano on Snooki's Facebook page. from Facebook
Amanda Seyfried is known for her fresh-faced look. She told People: "When I wake up in the morning and I don't have any makeup on, I don't feel ugly. I just feel clean." Getty Images