Here are the five must-read links for your morning:

01- “Romney’s wrong-headed assertions about Iran” by John Kerry. In this op-ed for The Washington Post, Kerry criticizes Mitt Romney’s recent criticism of President Obama’s position toward Iranian nuclear development, writing “Creating false differences with President Obama to score political points does nothing to move Iran off a dangerous nuclear course…If we are to avoid a nuclear Iran then at some point we must all act like statesmen, not candidates.”

02- “‘Iran is not telling us everything,’ U.N. atomic agency chief says” by CNN’s wire staff. The article explains the IAEA’s concerns about recent satellite images that show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at Iran’s Parchin military site, as well as the so-called Pf-plus-1’s joint statement on Iran, which will be delivered to the IAEA today.

03- “Top Pentagon Officials Stress Risks in Syria” by Elisabeth Bumiller and Rick Gladstone from The New York Times. The article discusses the testimonies made by Gen. Martin Dempsy and Defense Secretary Panetta yesterday, in which they emphasized the risk of military options inSyria and reasserted that diplomatic and economic pressures are the best way to protect Syrians from the Assad government’s repression.

04- “Rick Santorum supporters want Newt Gingrich out” by Ginger Gibson from Politico, in which Gibson discusses the comments made Wednesday by Santorum’s top allies in his super PAC for Gingrich to drop out of the race. Gibson writes, “The simple fact remains: Santorum’s chances of winning the Republican nod are significantly hampered by Gingrich’s presence in the contest. Or vice versa.”

05- “Solar storms ramp up, take aim at Earth” by Brian Vastag and Jason Samenow from The Washington Post. The article discusses this week’s solar storm, which has been disrupting some radio communications and forcing airlines to reroute. The storm is the “most intense since 2006” and is expected to intensify this morning.

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