Here’s what the editors of Schools of Thought are reading today:

Education News: Las Vegas District Teacher Layoffs Loom, says Superintendent

An unsettled teacher contract and a looming deficit could mean as many as 1000 layoffs of teachers and staff in Clark County Schools.

Fox2 Now: Parent Furious After Watching Middle School Bus Fight Video

At least one parent is furious at what she saw and heard in a video on a school bus ride home for 5th and 6th graders.

CBS Detroit: Free College for All? State Democrats to Unveil Plan

Democratic state lawmakers in Michigan will release a plan to offer free college for those who need it.

Fox 31: Court: Students can carry guns on campus

The Colorado Supreme Court has struck down a gun ban by the Colorado Board of Regents that prevented people with concealed weapons permits from carrying guns on campuses.

Wall Street Journal: Tech Titans Fund Undocumented Students

Some Silicon Valley CEOs are supporting an effort that provides a college education, legal assistance and a possible path to citizenship for undocumented students.