I overslept this morning and I hopped in my car–late! At 3:04am. My driver Miguel says “I have a surprise for you”…which is sort of a terrifying thought at 3 in the morning. But he hits play on his iPhone and suddenly I’m listening to the Cuban singer Rolando Laserie singing “Hola Soledad.” Think we’ll feature THAT this morning on Starting Point’s Playlist!

Last night was a late one. I got home at 7p after an all-day shoot on kids and race for Anderson. (Yes, hello, 16 hour day!) It was an amazing story, but I was tired and I had a mound of 5th grade homework to eyeball.

Monday was a crazy day: My daughter had a fever while I was on the air, so I was emailing to try to get her pediatrician Dr. Edie to see her. Today of course is all about Super Tuesday. Talk of a brokered convention has died down, and now it’s about looking at the other guys. What’s the Gingrich strategy for Super Tuesday? Does it all rest with Georgia? Santorum had a rough weekend, struggling through an interview on Fox and backed off of his “snob” comments. Will it hurt him?

This morning, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) are back and will talk about Mitt Romney’s efforts today, since they are both Romney supporters. We’ll also shake our heads at Rep. Chaffetz’s dusty old cd collection (or is it a record collection?). Devo? Seriously? I owned that in 9th grade.

Today, we’ll also dig into what exactly happened in Cairo to Sam LaHood, who was among 19 Americans and 43 NGO employees facing criminal charges of using illegally obtained funds to stir up unrest. He’s now out of Egypt and safe in Washington D.C.

Also we’re talking football (me talking sports usually makes my husband cringe) because I find this bounty for injuring players fascinating. Players seem to think it’s part of playing hard. I’ll talk with former Buffalo Bills safety Izell Reese around 8:15am. He says hitting hard is part of his job and it’s a physical game, but it’s hard to draw a line between an intentional hit and a hit as part of the game. Should be pretty interesting.

I’m off to do some more reading before the top of the show. Join me 7am Eastern on CNN.