01:04 - Source: CNN
Coming up on 'The Next List': Syyn Labs

You’ll never meet another group of people like the folks at Syyn Labs. They’re a creative collective with an edge. They are self-described geeks and nerds and call themselves a drinking group with an art problem. Together, they create extraordinary art, commercials and videos that look practically impossible to execute. Cars bungee jumping off shipping containers an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine set to music created by an organ made entirely from cars.

What’s especially unique about Syyn Labs is this: its people. They’ve got a fire-eating roboticist, a few physicists, a molecular chef, a heavy machine operator who is also their resident pirate, programmers and builders of all kinds. And most of the members of Syyn Labs have a flair for the dramatic. They’re circus performers, musicians, fire dancers and ukulele players. It’s this unique combination of eclectic innovators that earns Syyn Labs a spot on “The Next List” this week.

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