Rainforest treasures under threat

Updated 11:08 AM ET, Mon March 5, 2012
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Nicknamed the Cowboy Frog, this tiny amphibian was thought to be new to science when discovered in Suriname, South America. Conservation International
The jaguar is one of the endangered species to be found in Amazonia - this one is pictured in a Brazilian reserve. AFP/Getty Images
This sector of forest in the state of Para in northern Brazil was illegally felled in 2009. AFP/Getty Images
Greenpeace activists march along Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach ptotesting Brazil's new Forest Code in June 2011. AFP/Getty Images
Indigenous peoples pictured on a rainforest protest march in Para, in the Brazilian Amazon, in 2009. AFP/Getty Images
A forest fire engulfs the summit of Mount Merbabu on Indonesia's Java island in September 2011. AFP/Getty Images
A picture dating from 2010 showing a logged area in the mountains of Jambi province in Indonesia's Sumatra island. AFP/Getty Images
Much of Indonesia's forests have been cleared to make way for palm oil plantations -- like this one pictured in south Sumatra in 2010. Getty Images