Here's what Apple's Siri might look like

By John D. Sutter, CNN

(CNN) --- When technology knows your name, it's hard not to personify it.
That's what's so interesting about Shapeways' "What does Siri look like" contest: You get a little window into the minds of people who use Apple's voice-controlled "assistant." Some imagine Siri as a Superwoman. Some see her as more of a gender-neutral "it," like a standard robot.
One entrant, not shown here, created an image of Siri as Sarah Palin reincarnated, according to Carine Carmy, spokeswoman for Shapeways, the design and 3-D-printing company that organized this contest and recently posted the winners online.
    "Everyone who is an Apple user is a very big fan (of Siri), so I think people feel they have a very intimate relationship with this technnology," she said. "He/she/it gets to really understand your needs. It's quite an impressive technology."
    The image at the top of this post, created by SaGa Design, won the 3-D design contest. Here's the 2-D winner, which shows Siri as the rock-star version of an executive assistant and was created by @eddieadolf:
    And here are a few more of our favorites. Take a look:
    Which is your favorite? Or how do you picture Siri?