This morning on “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien,” Soledad is live from Harrisburg, IL covering the extensive devastation from tornadoes that swept through the middle of the country. She’s talking with local residents about their experience,

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[Updated 8:54 a.m.] Darrell Osman is back with Soledad, shows photos he was able to retrieve from the debris. Says he’s found things across the street from his mom’s house, slides found up by the main road about 100 yards away. Soledad asks “What do you now?” Osman says “just pick up the pieces…we need to be thankful it wasn’t worse.”

[Updated 8:30 a.m.] Nada Bakri, widow of New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, chokes up when she talks about how much she loved him. Another emotional moment.

[Updated 8:19 a.m.] Nada Bakri, widow of New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, says “Nothing mattered to him more than telling stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told.”

[Updated 8:01 a.m.] Harrisburg resident Jeff Street talks about crawling through debris to safety. He lost his house and everything he owned in tornado.

[Updated 7:50 a.m.] U2’s The Edge tells Christine Romans “hoping to give a voice to homeless people…there is a pathway out of it.”

[Updated 7:36 a.m.] Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg tells Soledad “we’re going to take care of our community…we’re going to take care of each other.”

[Updated 7:27 a.m.] Sheriff Keith Brown tells Soledad it’s “exceptionally difficult to see our community damaged in this way.” Says across street from our live shot, houses are untouched.

[Updated 7:00 a.m.] Heartbreaking interview with Darrell Osman, talking about his mother who passed away in the storms. He teared up. Says the only thing that is getting him through is the thought that his mother is in heaven.