Quad-core arms race ‘ridiculous’ says Microsoft exec


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Microsoft executive calls quad-core processors unnecessary

Aaron Woodman says Nokia devices running Windows Phone are just as fast

Woodman has offered cash for anyone whose device can beat a Windows phone in a speed test

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The last full day of the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona has drawn to a close. After a bonanza of new phones, tablets and mobile gadgets, here’s the last of what’s new at this year’s show, courtesy of Stuff Magazine.

Quad-core arms race ‘ridiculous’

Microsoft Windows Phone Director Aaron Woodman has stated his belief that competition between manufacturers to produce phones with faster and faster quad-core processors is unnecessary. “The quad-core arms race is ridiculous,” said Woodman. Instead, he explained how Windows Phone devices like the Nokia Lumia 800 are able to run fast without using battery-sucking quad-core innards. Microsoft has even gone as far as handing out €100 ($133) to anyone whose phone can beat a Windows Phone in a one-on-one user test during MWC.

Microsoft releases Windows 8 preview

Microsoft announced the release of the consumer preview of its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system. The new software is designed to work on both computers and tablets, taking many design cues from its own Windows Phone 7 software. The company said it has made a staggering 100,000 code changes since the last preview. Early testers will be pleased to know that all apps in the Windows 8 app store are free to download during the preview.

LG phone delayed by UK’s lack of 4G

LG’s recently revealed Optimus Vu smartphone, which sports a 5-inch screen with an unusual 4:3 aspect ratio, won’t be seen in the United Kingdom for at least a year. The long wait is due to the UK’s lack of a 4G or LTE network. Other countries such as the United States are already enjoying super-fast 4G mobile data speeds while the UK lags behind.

Samsung previews projector phone

A prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone has been doing the rounds. The smartphone prototype runs on Google Android 2.3 and has a 15 lumens projector built into its top edge. Users can beam a 50-inch image on a blank wall or screen, perfect for showing off holiday snaps or giving impromptu presentations.