Tornadoes take deadly toll

Updated 3:16 PM ET, Mon March 5, 2012
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Janet Clark stands in front of her home on Sunday, March 4, where she rode out Friday's EF4 tornado in Henryville, Indiana. AFP/Getty Images
Debris from the violent tornado remains scattered around a Henryville home on Sunday. Getty Images
Troy Lewis cuts up a tree on Sunday that fell when a tornado passed through Marysville, Indiana. Getty Images
Harrisburg, Illinois, residents face the daunting challenge of cleaning up after the prowerful storms. Chris Welch/CNN
Leah Boylan looks at the damage to her sister's home on Saturday, March 3, after it was destroyed by a tornado in Henryville, Indiana. Dozens of people were killed as severe weather and tornadoes ripped through the South and Midwest on Friday, March 2. Getty Images
Melody Zollman, left, gets a hug from her sister Michelle Browning as they stand among the remains of Zollman's home in Henryville after it was destroyed by a tornado on Friday. Getty Images
Zollman hugs her cat Thumbelina after it was pulled from the debris of her home. Getty Images
Sarah Kutz helps her sister rescue possessions from her home, which was destroyed in the tornado that hit Henryville. Getty Images
A school bus is lodged in a home in Henryville where it came to rest after being tossed by Friday's tornado. Getty Images
Cupcakes, baked for a 12-year-old's birthday party, remain on the counter where they were left to cool moments before Friday's tornado destroyed the home. Getty Images
iReporter Kevin Welz captured this image of the Henryville tornado as it touched down on Friday night. Courtesy Kevin Welz
Steve Smith and J. J. Smith survey the damage to their home following the tornado that struck Henryville. Getty Images
A family portrait sits among the debris of a Henryville home.
A car and school bus are overturned in the parking lot of a Henryville school. Getty Images
An overnight storm shredded the roof of a business in Paulding County, Georgia. WSB
High winds during an overnight storm system tore apart a Paulding County home. WSB
A tornado touched down in Madison County, Alabama, on Friday, causing widespread damage. The powerful storm system is moving across the United States, causing tornadoes from Alabama to Indiana and threatening more destruction. In Indiana, at least five deaths were reported. Gustavo Valdes/cnn
A tornado in Ooltewah,Tennessee, left this home destroyed on Friday. Vivian Kuo/CNN
Debris is strewn as far as the eye can see in Ooltewah. Vivian Kuo/cnn
Meridianville, Alabama, was hit hard by Friday's storm system. WAFF
Tornado-force winds sheered this telephone pole in Madison County, Alabama. WAAY
Behind this once welcoming exterior in Madison County lies the ruins of a home struck by Friday's storm. WAAY
iRepoterer Blair Scott took this photo of damaged cars at Buckhorn High School in Hunstville, Alabama, after the school was hit by one of Friday's tornadoes. Courtesy Blair Scott
Keith Huke, right, remained in the bed to his left, escaping with no injuries from the tornado that tore apart his home in Harrisburg, Illinois. Getty Images
Utility workers try to restore electricity to a tornado-damaged section of Harrisburg on Friday. Getty Images
Dale Barnfield, left, and his niece Linda Mayberry wait for an insurance adjuster outside Barnfield's tornado-damaged home in Harrisburg. Getty Images
Harrisburg residents continue to clean up after Thursday's tornado. Getty Images
A Harrisburg neighborhood lies in ruins Thursday after a tornado tore through the town. A monster storm system killed six people in Harrisburg and left at least seven others dead in two other states. Ken tillis/cnn
A truck appears twisted like a toy Thursday in the storm's aftermath in Harrisburg. A tornado with winds up to 180 mph thrashed the southern Illinois town early Wednesday. Dana Garrett/cnn
Angela Davis, an iReporter from Marion, Illinois, went to Harrisburg after the storm because she said she has friends and family there. "It was kind of surreal," Davis wrote of the destruction. "We saw silos picked up/thrown around, gas pipes from gas stations, a truck wrapped around the tree." courtesy Angela Davis
Up to 300 houses were damaged or destroyed in Harrisburg, authorities said. The tornado had a preliminary rating of EF4, the second most powerful on the rating scale, the National Weather Service said. Dana Garrett/CNN
Steve McDonald inspects what's left of his mother-in-law's house in Harrisburg. His in-law, Mary Osman, was among four women and two men killed in the hard-hit town. Getty Images
Josh Summers searches for his possessions after the tornado ripped through his Harrisburg neighborhood. The twister appeared to have been on the ground for several miles, a city official said. Getty Images
The powerful storm leaves cars tossed about among collapsed houses and other debris Wednesday in Harrisburg. Getty Images
Downed trees crush a truck Wednesday after a tornado hit in Harveyville, Kansas. A state of emergency was declared in the town about 20 miles southwest of Topeka. Getty Images
Douglas Osman sifts through the wreckage of his grandmother's house Wednesday in Harrisburg. His grandmother, Mary Osman, was one of six people killed in the Illinois town. Getty Images
Carolyn Osman surveys the wreckage of the tornado that took her mother-in-law's life in Harrisburg, where some 100 people were also injured. Getty Images
Levi Fogle helps girlfriend Sarah Pearce leave a damaged house in Harrisburg. Fogle, Pearce and her three daughters went unharmed in the storm. Getty Images
John Bonenberger checks out damage to a Harrisburg strip mall where his business was located. Getty Images
A house in Harrisburg lies in ruins in the tornado's aftermath. Getty Images
An old family photo survives the destruction in Buffalo, Missouri. Emily Rittman/KSPR
The storm leaves a car battered in the music resort town of Branson, Missouri, in a photo from iReporter Danny Gassaway. Courtesy Danny Gassaway
Aerial photos taken by Air Evac Lifeteam in Stoddard County, Missouri, show the scope of storm damage. Air Evac Lifeteam
A tornado razed this house and above-ground swimming pool in Stoddard County. Air Evac Lifeteam