Newest mobile gadgets -- hit or miss?

Story highlights

  • Reviewers get their hands on the latest gadgets at Mobile World Congress
  • New devices and apps by HTC, Skype and Asus impress experts
  • Reviewers less impressed by phones and tablets boasting superfast tech
They look glossy and new, their touch screens glow enticingly and they're filled with the latest mind-bendingly complicated chips and processors -- but are the newest mobile gadgets any good?
Teams of experts have been getting their hands on the technology at the world's biggest mobile phone in Barcelona.
Here we gather reviews from our partners at Mashable and Pocket-lint of the devices making the headlines
A big phone or a small notebook. This South Korean device boasts a "bright screen ... and a bunch of apps that make it feel and work like a digital paperback book." Mashable
Emergent Chinese manufacturer's latest Android devices, including what it claims is the world's fastest smartphone. "We certainly won't argue that it's bloomin' quick." Pocket-lint
The latest releases from Taiwanese phone maker HTC. Impressive devices based on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. "Everything -- and I mean everything, including the 0.7-second photo snapping HTC is so proud about -- feels really smooth and snappy." Mashable
Mobile phone boasts built-in projector
Mobile phone boasts built-in projector


    Mobile phone boasts built-in projector


Mobile phone boasts built-in projector 01:36
Smartphone featuring a built-in projector. "It's not a new idea — but the Samsung Galaxy Beam may be the most elegant execution of the mash-up yet... It's reasonable to assume that the only reason someone would buy the Galaxy Beam is if you desperately wanted a dual phone/projector." Mashable
Taiwanese manufacturer's latest Android-powered tablet. "With a strong focus on keeping the 'Zen design philosophy,' the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity tablet is well built, looks good, and should perform when it's in your hands." Pocket-lint
Chinese firm ZTE's new Windows 7-powered device. "It's definitely not as ripe as the succulent Nokia Lumia 800 or 900 - the picks of the Windows Phone 7.5 bunch - but it's still notable nonetheless." Pocket-lint
Huawei's super-fast quad-core tablet device. "While it's slim and light it isn't the highest build quality we've come across and the back is prone to the odd scratch by the looks of things." Pocket-lint
"Thin, light and powerful" stylus Tablet from Samsung. "Fun to use... comfortable to hold, and responsive," but is the world ready for a stylus comeback? Mashable
Internet chat tool makes beta debut on Microsoft's mobile operating system. "It's a pretty swanky app -- much more fancy looking than Skype apps on Android and iOS." Pocket-lint
Nokia's smartphone with a headline-making 41-megapixel camera. "A good example of the sort of bonkers tech that Nokia is so good at delivering." Pocket-lint
Budget version of Nokia's flagship range. "While the apps take a little bit longer to load, it isn't too bad ... We suspect that, as it is painted over plastic, it will chip and look pretty ugly with time." Pocket-lint