Leapling birthday celebrations

Updated 9:08 AM ET, Wed February 29, 2012
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Camille Kesler was the perfect gift for her father's seventh birthday. The two celebrate every leap year together. Last birthday they had a basketball-themed party with "Leap Year Legends" jerseys. Kesler is 39 weeks pregnant and her due date is near leap day 2012. Courtesy Camille Kesler
Our youngest leapling on iReport is Kenan Rollins, who is finally turning "1" this year. Last year, he had a cowboy party. This year, his parents have planned a leapfrog theme for his first big birthday. Courtesy Amy Wolf Rollins
Elizabeth Payne, of Henderson, Nevada, is finally celebrating her sweet 16. However, she says her best birthday will always be her 14th, eight years ago, when her five best friends surprised her and whisked her off to Laguna Beach, California, for the weekend. Courtesy Elizabeth Payne
Jacob Jacob, of Atlanta, says he never makes a "big fuss" of his non-leap year birthdays because most people forget it. Ironically, his favorite leap day birthday is the one he least remembers. But the 80 people in attendance told him how great it was the next day. Courtesy Jacob Jacob
Hitting double digits is a huge deal when it comes to birthdays. After 40 years, this set of twins is finally going to be 10 years old. Krista Smith and Jason Reese celebrate every leap year birthday together.
Sherri Riddle is almost entirely sure that her dad named her after the song "Sherry" by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The length of the song is 2:29, and her date of birth is 2-29. Courtesy Sherri Riddle
Tori Peachey is the firstborn, but is finally going to be the same age as her two 3-year-old sisters. Last leap year she had a ribbon with "I'm 2!" This year, she got a leap frog t-shirt. Courtesy Christy Miller
Every 4-year-old boy's dream must be to play in a pile of dirt with monster trucks. Samuel Busby is granting that wish to some fortunate friends this year. He's having a dirt party for his first calendar birthday. Courtesy Kimberly Busby
Jana Duncan enjoys her leap day birthdays but says they're kind of a downer. "I usually celebrate for two full days. When leap year comes, it's just one day," she laughs. Still, she always spends her leap day birthdays at Meridi Inn, in Meridian, Texas, with family and friends. Courtesy Jana Duncan