Three killed in Nepal blast

Nepalese policemen walk with a sniffer dog at the site of a bomb blast on February 27, 2012.

Story highlights

  • Bombing occurs near central secretariat in Nepal's capital
  • Previously unknown group claims responsibility, police say
  • Two people were killed on the spot, and another died at a hospital
Three people were killed and seven others injured, two of the seriously, when an improvised explosive device went off Monday near government offices here.
It is unclear who is behind the blast, a rare occurrence in the Himalayan capital, although a previously unknown group, United Ethnic Liberation Front, has claimed responsibility, police Officer Dhiraj Singh said.
"We cannot verify that as we are still investigating," Singh said. No arrests have been made so far.
The explosion happened outside a court house and less than 200 meters from the Central Secretariat, which houses most government ministries.
Two people died on the spot while third died while undergoing treatment at hospital. All 10 victims are men.
Tibetans say they're not safe in Nepal
Tibetans say they're not safe in Nepal


    Tibetans say they're not safe in Nepal


Tibetans say they're not safe in Nepal 03:14
As Nepal prepares a new republican constitution and adopts a federal model, various ethnic groups in a population of about 27 million are demanding special rights and calling for provinces based on ethnicity.