Reporter's Notebook: Viola Davis keeps it 'real'


    Viola Davis skips the wig for Oscars


Viola Davis skips the wig for Oscars 00:59

Editor’s Note: Nischelle Turner is a CNN correspondent and appears on HLN's ‘Showbiz Tonight’

By Nischelle Turner, CNN
(CNN) -- The day after the Academy Awards talk is usually filled with who won what, who wore what and who went to which party. But this year’s post Oscar chatter seems to be all about who kept it “real”!
The answer? “The Help’s” best actress nominee Viola Davis.
    Before I even spoke to Viola on the red carpet, she caught my attention, her flawless skin poured in a form fitting, bold green Vera Wang dress, accented by a mega-watt smile.
    I thought: "Wow she looks great"! Others were commenting on how great she looked too, and then I heard: “Oh my…she’s natural!”
    I did a double take, and said: "Yes! She decided to take the wig off!"
    She had worn her hair natural earlier at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, and when she graced the cover of LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine.
    But this was the Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest night!
    I thought: this is a bold move.
    “My husband said, 'Be who you are,'" says Davis. "Step into who you are. [And] I really have. I felt like this project forced me to step into who I was, the choice of playing a maid in 1963 with a broken dialect, and having to defend my choice...You’ve gotta be who you are and be very confident and bold in who you are."
    Her husband, Julius Tennon, told me it may look bold, but she is sending a message that it is okay to be who you are: this is just who Viola is in her everyday life.
    So it’s only --excuse the pun--NATURAL.
      I have covered red carpets for eight years, and it’s very rare to see black women in Hollywood wearing their hair natural. Personally, as a brown girl who has had hair issues and wears a head full of weave, I was screaming for joy that this gorgeous woman who looks like me, had the courage to say to the superficial world of Hollywood: “I’m fine with who I am."
      She may not have won the Oscar, but she got the “authenticity” award in my book.