Memorial shirts honor victims

Updated 6:07 PM ET, Wed February 29, 2012
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With the rise in murders, many families order memorial T-shirts to honor victims such as Keira Holmes, a little girl who was killed while playing in the B.W. Cooper courtyards days before her 2nd birthday. David S. Holloway/CNN
Joseph "Joker" Elliott's memorial shirt, worn by Trina Bordley, shows Elliott and his father. Both were killed in their home earlier this year when a disgruntled neighbor shot them. David S. Holloway/CNN
The large number of murders has created a boom for T-shirt makers, some who believe they couldn't expand their business without this outlet. One of Cedrick Sweetwyne's designs for toddler Keira Holmes sits on his home office computer. David S. Holloway/CNN
Sweetwyne said the community focuses on the best things about the person who has passed away. David S. Holloway/CNN
The city has created a cottage industry of "Rest in Peace" commemorative shirts. Some shop owners say when they're too busy they send customers to other businesses, and competitors do the same for them. David S. Holloway/CNN
Many in New Orleans continue to remember murder victims through personalized paraphernalia. David S. Holloway/CNN